[83]Klaus and Stefan in the car After becoming an Original Vampire and werewolf hybrid upon triggering his werewolf gene, his amplified temper and emotions, along with the psychological damage of Mikael's cruelty, turned Klaus into a violent and cruel person, much like his step-father Mikael. Later that day, Klaus is in Lafayette cemetery, searching for Finn. Klaus tells Jackson he wants to give the werewolves rings like this so that they are strong enough to protect his unborn daughter. Klaus, although originally not interested, is alarmed when Stefan and Caroline reveal Silas' plans to bring down the Other Side, which would bring back every single one of Klaus' dead enemies. [59]Klaus at his mansion talking to Stefan, In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Klaus was first seen in his mansion drawing a painting of a giant snowflake to donate for the Winter Wonderland charity event and later told Adrian to take it to the Mystic Grill. Elijah interrupts his younger brother telling Klaus that he won't ask for forgiveness for killing Marcel. At some time, however, Katherine eventually attempts to kill Klaus, evidently believing that she has succeeded, but Klaus survived. He also shows her after their transition, he, Niklaus and their father, Mikael were in the woods when Klaus suddenly dropped, screaming in agony as he began to transform into a wolf, indicating he had recently made his first kill. With Elijah's, Marcel's and Sofya's help, Klaus brings her back home and kills the followers of The Hollow in St. Anne's Church. The blood initiated Tyler into his hereditary powers as a werewolf. Klaus rips out her heart then squeezes the blood into the spell. Stefan and Damon fight against Klaus, but do not do any harm. Marcel then asks how much Cami saw and Klaus tells him that she only saw a argument nothing that can't be fixed. In The Killer, Klaus was in Italy digging up Alexander's sword. By the end of the third season, they have become enemies again, this time for good. Klaus is screaming in unbearable pain and then collapses, leaving him to the hand of of his the enemy. While he was still an untriggered Werewolf-Witch hybrid, Klaus had a complicated life. Klaus later finds out that Stefan was asking about Mikael, the person that he was maybe running from in the 1920's. He is first seen filling a glass with blood from a woman's arm and whilst doing so he asks Rebekah if she has seen Marcel, intending to find out why he has been avoiding him and draw attention to Rebekah and Marcel's relationship. Klaus adds that Lucien is kicking hornets' nests, until they will have no choice but to confront him. Kol then informs Klaus that they need to distract Finn by telling him where to find their mother. He then finds Cami at Lucien's house withWill- who she compelled to get the dark objects back. He realizing that Hayley and his child are in danger, Klaus screams up to the sky in anger. She sees that it is a page from Esther's grimoire about how to make daylight rings. "If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose; otherwise, you're just not worth forgiving.". He tells her to keep looking and that he is on his way. Klaus tells Marcel that he is disappointed in him and he feels sorry for him for having to use his sick sister because that's not the mark of a true leader. Klaus looks hurt by this, and tells Marcel to give him one last chance to prove him wrong, and tells Marcel to come with him. It is known that Klaus daggered Kol over a century ago. Elijah tells Hayley to rent the apartment next to their house. He tells Caroline that Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls. His mood changes from cheerful and amused to enraged in seconds. Before he could make good on his arson threat, Bonnie showed up. Only when Elijah appears, they decide to run, that it was too late to save Marcel who Mikael was feeding on. He told her about the white oak stake, and since he was hurt, she was the person to call. [166]A temporary truce, In Beautiful Mistake, Freya finds Elijah and Klaus and asks them about their fight. When Stefan states that all of Klaus' attempts to break the Salvatore brothers apart has only made their bond stronger, Klaus counters by asking what will happen when Elena finally chooses between them. Elena tells Klaus not to hurt anyone, but he argues that he has to. He first saw her when she was bar-tending, someone she later remembers as being the "$100 guy". He tells the bartender from the flashforward that Stefan is an old friend from Mystic Falls, and they start catching up - with Klaus aware of the situation in Mystic Falls, telling Stefan it was very noble of him to help the human faction as he did, and asking how Caroline is. Klaus, realizing his brother was too wild to control, daggered Kol yet again. Klaus is the third and last Original Vampire to be invited into the Gilbert House. In Where You Left Your Heart, Klaus is currently is France. In Klaus' case, Mikael was abusive to him for his impulsive and reckless behavior, justifying that his punishments would make Klaus stronger, but Mikael was only ever disappointed in everything Klaus did and beat him repeatedly throughout his mortal life. Klaus also tells that he wants it back and if he has to push Marcel to get it, that is exactly what he will do. Klaus then threw Tim down the church balcony. Despite this, he would spare August's wife and children. Drama TV Show #2. Later, at a bar, he talks to Aiden and convinces him he can be a better Alpha than Jackson; Aiden only needs to swear fealty for Klaus, and to protect his daughter. Niklaus against his wishes, gives in and fulfills Marcel's desire to become a vampire. [179]Klaus trying to find a way to save Cami. He almost takes Klaus down, but Elijah and Hayley break the spell so that he loses power over Rebekah and Klaus overpowers him. Klaus solemnly reveals that the town was his home once and that he wants it back, that he wants to be king again. Klaus and Elijah finally arrive at Lenore's store and Esther says she didn't come there to wage war against them. Klaus knows that Rebekah doesn't care and that he "shoved her in a box one too many times" and the elder brother says she will hopefully come around. At the end of the episode he's smiling as he looks at a painting he just made, the city of New Orleans with a full moon. Klaus was with Elijah and Rebekah in 1114 AD Italy when they met a man named Alexander, a vampire hunter who was part of The Five. Cami shows and asks Klaus to tell Lucien to stop murdering people in New Orleans. Elijah walks off, leaving Klaus to ponder the events. He killed all of the Five and undaggered his siblings, except for Finn. Klaus continually avoids Elena messages or visions to Bonnie and Stefan. Later Klaus and Rebekah were having a talk with Sophie asking her to do a tracking spell in order to find Elijah and Davina at the same time. Klaus is the only Original Vampire to kill another Original Vampire and twice, having killed. As Stefan stops him from killing Jenna, Klaus tells him that it would be easy for him to take his revenge if Elena tries to stop him from breaking the curse. He'd taught humans to look away. He tells her the only way for her to find peace is for her to move on and forget. Lucien tries to convince Klaus that Tristanis the killer but Klaus doesn't believe him. "Friends?" If they are misrepresented. Elijah gave him some clothes and asked him where the bodies of their family were. Genevieve also shows him how Rebekah killed her. Lucien Castle, who became an Enhanced Original Vampire known as the Beast, later killed the Original Vampire Finn Mikaelson, Klaus' older half-brother. Caroline finally accepts that they have a connection and then they share their first kiss which leads up to sex. Klaus asked Stefan to talk some sense into her: If they dagger Kol, Damon will no longer be compelled to kill Jeremy, and the hunt for the cure could continue. It revealed that there was only one dose of the cure. Later, at the Mikaelson compound, Hayley talks to Klaus trying to convince him to forgive Elijah. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When Klaus suggests that she is probably there to kill him, she says she is there to forgive him, and that she wants them all to be a family again. Klaus had gone to a wild party filled with vampires feeding on humans and dancing badly. It flaps around his legs in the wind. Him and Elijah interrupt it to ask Marcel where Hayley is. Lucien then appears, mocking Klaus, and the two of them fight. Klaus replied that he tried to heal him with his blood but failed. On his way to figure things out he meets Sophie and finds marks of a dark sacrificial magic. Stefan and Damon are angry when they find out that Elena has taken matters into her own hands in the battle against Klaus. After that Klaus get a phone call from Elijah who tells him that Rebekah is missing. Elijah tells him to let her go and in return he will give him his forgiveness. [62]Klaus talking to Damon. He said she liked his painting, and he then offered to have some champagne together. Later Klaus wrote her a letter explaining his family's unique condition, and she eventually understood and continued seeing him. And I know she will not rest until our family is united. The Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan has explained why he will never appear in the spin-off series Legacies.. It is possible that being in his former home, with his family, has caused his humanity to show more. i think it shoud be 13 and up because its a fun and interesting tv show, but there is a lot of blood and violence. He found his sister with Elijah and he told him to get away from Rebekah because she is his. The relationship between Klaus and the mother of his child has evolved along the series, both coming to a mutual understanding, while Klaus also shows that he cares about her. Later, Tyler shows up and tries to free her, but Klaus finds him before he can get Elena out of the house. Rebekah wishes to leave, but Klaus states that he will not leave without Elena, causing Rebekah to get angry and state that she won't care even if he does die, before leaving. I do look forward to thanking you in person someday. Later, over Rebekah's body, Kol gives Klaus the White Oak Stake. Klaus smiles and says "Hello, love.". He how it's going and she tells him that she remembers that there was window shutters behind Elijah's coffin. Rebekah announces that they are all leaving him. "What is on your mind, brother?" His vernacular suggests that he's spent a lot of time in modern America, though - certainly enough to pick up slang like "sport" and use it comfortably and casually, and know (and use with effective irony) the song "Goodnight, Sweetheart." His eyes are blue - electric blue." He then breaks a statue and pools out a stake. Klaus tells her that they must all stand alone against with their demons and Cami answered by saying what if one day his demons they become mine to. Klaus let something slip: He didn't want the cure so he could make hybrids. She sat down on the fountain, and Klaus came up to her, telling her that he was also looking for Tyler to have a word with him. The entire pack begins to turn, uncontrollably in front of them. So he left in a hurry to finish his business with his step father. Cami provokes her and she and Aurora fight, but Aurora quickly gets the upper hand, and pushes Cami into Lucien's uninvited penthouse, causing the young vampire to bleed, and Klaus tells Aurora to stop. He shows sadness and stabs Rebekah with the White Oak Stake. Klaus is an Original Vampire and the son of an alpha werewolf Ansel and Esther whom is an incredibly powerful witch. Mikael believed his beloved first born daughter Freya was a victim of it, not knowing she was taken by Esther's sister Dahlia as payment for a fertility spell to let Esther have children. Personality wise, Klaus is extremely sinister, sadistic, psychopathic, ruthless, evil, cruel, vindictive and dangerous. In order to keep up the ruse, Katherine complies and screams in agony until Klaus, satisfied that she has been successfully compelled, permits her to save herself. Klaus was furious with Kol for hiding where he hid Rebekah, and threw him to hungry vampires in his anger. When Klaus drinks Elena's blood, he dies. Klaus yells "enough!" During the party that was hosted at the compound, Klaus made a speech about loyalty and betrayal, prompting Kol to try and flee from the party. The witches told Elijah that Klaus had until midnight to change his mind about the child and Hayley's life before they die - as Jane-Anne's spell linked Sophie and Hayley together. Despite knowing that his then friend; Lucien, loved her as well, he continued seeing her. Klaus is greatly affected by this and screams to Genevieve that he has had enough of her lies. Klaus' main concern is keeping his daughter safe now that she has returned home. Klaus then boasts that he isn't scared of Silas, despite his age. After his resurrection, he kills Ethan, drinking his blood, and notices Elena. He charges at Marcel only to be stopped by Rebekah, who at the last second, jumped between the two. He says that he can take Davina when ever he wants and when Marcel is about to attack he is but not by Klaus, by Elijah. He watches in shock as Hayley bleeds to death after her throat is slit. He's full of himself, which is why when they spotted clueless Cami walking alone at night below. A few hours later Klaus heals Marcel and talks to him about the Strix. [7]Niklaus finds his murdered father. Hayley asks what happened between him and Marcel. While they are stuck talking to Aurora and Tristan, Davina is trying to find a spell to unlink them from their sirelines. Klaus states that Tyler should be thanking him as he saved Tyler from the misery of life as a werewolf, but Tyler says that Klaus doesn't give a crap about him, he only wanted to not be alone. Klaus is later seen backing up Hayley's decision to send their daughter away to keep her safe as New Orleans is too dangerous for the baby to stay, (for now). Klaus is the first recurring role to be updated to series regular during a season. Klaus then leaves, and finds Aurora and Cami in St. Anne's Church talking about him. Klaus then sent them a picture of Cristian every June 6 (the children's birthday) until 1984 when they were 10. He has six half-siblings: a deceased older half-brother, four other half-brothers named Elijah, Finn, Kol, and Henrik, and two younger half-sisters named Rebekah, and Renise. [6]Niklaus becoming a hybrid, the first of his kind. Damon asks if he can postpone the ritual, but Klaus says he has everything he needs and the ritual will happen. When discovering that it was Rebekah who brought their father to New Orleans, he decided to get revenge and wanted answers. Elijah finds a devastated Klaus with Hayley in his lap, and Klaus says to Elijah that Hayley is gone. Klaus has been daggered a number of times, but due to his Werewolf side, he was unaffected by the silver White Oak Ash Daggers. Klaus gasps in pain and bursts into flames, Rebekah screaming in horror. Then they ride along with Hope and leave New Orleans behind. But one day, they were caught by Lucien, who was so angry with Klaus, he started a fuss, that led Aurora's older protective brother Tristan de Martel to hear them. Stefan, who earlier got a phone call from his brother about the "werewolf predicament" he is in, asked Klaus if he could spare some blood for them. Then Klaus put Elena in a windowless room. Klaus tries to kill Elena over and over again but he fails. Klaus shakes his head at that and has the idea that since Lucien made his venom from the seven werewolf packs, maybe that's the key to an antidote. When Elena asks why he is killing her, as he won't have an unlimited army anymore, he states that he doesn't need one as he has his family back. Klaus thinks that's what'll happen, and he believes Damon does, too. Klaus comforts her and tells her that her uncle is a good and loyal man. Few leave, but most of them stay with him. He then promises her that, in exchange for her allegiance, he will give her his mother's spell book and protect her from all her enemies. Klaus calls Freya asking for a locator spell. Elijah takes a revolver and shoots at Klaus, who groans with pain. Kol thought that Klaus will kil him, but Klaus is telling him he is an idiot, he will never kill him, as they are brothers. She tells Kol that she can't use him, so Klaus and Elijah needs to decide. She then delivers the shocking news that a sapling of a white oak tree had been planted 300 years after they left the Old World. Klaus travels to the magic free zone with Hope and Marcel. He also realizes he has to become the ruthless hybrid he once was (prior to him fathering Hope), he joins forces with Elijah and Freya to try to stop the prophecy. Their immortality is a gift from him and a debt that they can never repay; it is one that far offsets all of his supposed crimes. In Disturbing Behavior, Klaus is still using Gloria to try and find the necklace. Marcel responds by saying if he is so strong why did he run from New Orleans, this enraged Klaus and jumped from the balcony and punched Marcel in the face. Klaus has a "birds of a feather" tattoo on the front of his left shoulder. They are interrupted in the story when Marcel calls Klaus to tell him that there has been a attack on witches in the bayou and the injuries are consistent with that of a werewolf and he wants Klaus to come with him. Caroline asks whether he had ever thought to talk it out with his father, but Klaus insists his relationship with his father was far more complex than her relationship with hers. Klaus chastised Damon for this, saying that there was a whole town of people he could turn into vampires that Jeremy could kill but Damon wanted to make sure Jeremy was all trained up before he began. [173]Klaus after saving Freya, In Heart Shaped Box, Klaus is looking for Aurora and ends up by putting to much pressure on Freya in order to find her which causes some tension between them, as Freya doubted Klaus will treat Rebekah as he does her. Then after Caroline came to return all of Tyler's things and broke up with Tyler in front of him, he left the place with his hybrids to give them time alone. When she returned home that night, she found a hand-drawn picture of her and a horse, from Klaus. he asked. She mocks the two of them for arguing all the time, and when she acts familiar with Klaus, saying how their mother destroyed him, he gets upset, saying they know nothing of her. Klaus says that he should let the man live to tell others about this, but decides he is already on a roll. Klaus has also shown to have matured greatly as he no longer uses the White Oak Dagger to put down his maternal half-siblings when he disagrees with them like before but instead settles things in a civil and sometimes violent matter. [74]Klaus reunites with Marcel. Once Sabine awoke they questioned her and she revealed that Sophie had been taken by Agnes. Ray soon becomes rabid and flees the site. Klaus bites Marcel to kill him but at that moment, the werewolves call on the stones to prevent their transformation and drain Klaus of his strength. He refers to everyone as "sport," he writes "Goodnight, sweetheart" on Vickie's mirror after brutally murdering her and leaving that same song playing in her room, and he kills (or nearly kills) Stefan with the same White Ash Wood spear that was intended for him. Klaus talks to Cami telling her how she is putting herself in danger. Klaus tells her they won't accept any offer she has given, but she says in due time they will beg her for her offer. Klaus and Stefan return to the women and Klaus asks Elena who she wants to save and who she wants to die. She convinced him that they were all on the same team to a point -- Team Cure Should Be Found. He was seen entering a room covered in blood, after torturing one of Esther's wolfs for her location. Elijah encourages his brother, Klaus worried about the baby goes to her to make sure that she is okay and notice that she has completely healed and she says it's because she's a werewolf but Klaus she can't heal that fast. He'd gone to sit on a bench alone and think. But as they look at each other the people and things reemerge. Back to the Abattoir, before the ritual starts, Klaus talks to Elijah begging him to leave him to his fate, because he will aid their enemies otherwise. Klaus, with half werewolf lineage, could not be neutralized by the White Oak Ash Daggers and upon awakening killed all of The Five, including Alexander. Then Vincent tries to find the white oak while Cami and Niklaus have a discussion. In that moment, Klaus took the Governor's son and threw him off the second story, killing him immediately. Klaus gets angry saying that if they stay at the compound, doing nothing, Lucien will: "...slides Rebekah's bitten corpse down the hall." Stefan finds an old picture of them together at the bar, and Klaus reveals that they had met before, that they had been friends back in the 1920's and that Klaus was Stefan's "number one fan", as he liked Stefan's ways of torturing others before killing them. Even five years after his imprisonment, Klaus still has not forgiven Marcel for his treachery against the Mikaelson family, and mainly because he has missed five years of his daughter, Hope growing up. Rebekah the comments that as usual he is power is more important than getting back their brother, Klaus chose to see it as killing two birds with one stone. Rose granted freedom while Trevor was decapitated. Then he asked Stefan where he was. He leaves and finds Elijah in one of the tombs in the city of the dead, but Elijah doesn't wake up. Klaus also has a sense of honor and will not go back on his word although, he will always look for loopholes in the deals he makes. In When the Levee Breaks, Klaus has breakfast with his siblings while talking about killing Mikael when Dahlia appears in Josephine's body and threatens them. [139]Klaus being attacked by the witches. They also ask her to play a part in their plan and have Katie use magic so Davina won't sense the locator spell. [4]  His undying love for the child is evident as he willingly sent the child away from the chaos in New Orleans so that she could grow up properly in the loving arms of her aunt Rebekah. [51]Klaus and Damon team up. He started to think it was the real her when she quipped about how she should be running three prom committees at that moment. Later on, he talks to Hayley about being a hybrid. Klaus then takes them back to the night they met. In The Ties That Bind, Klaus appears in one of Bonnie's dreams as she tries to open the locked coffin. Klaus says that she isn't getting his daughter while she is able to sleep for a year. Caroline finally smartened up: If Klaus wants her help, he's gonna have to let Tyler come back and promise not to kill him. Klaus later counters with his own offer: Elena's future happiness with a human husband, in exchange for the coffin; this would keep her safe from what he deemed to be a dangerous feud between the Salvatore brothers, and would ensure the continuity of the Petrova bloodline so that he could keep creating hybrids. Before she leaves the cellar, Elena reveals that she told Rebekah about how Klaus was the one who killed their mother, not Mikael. This turned into a conversation about trust being the foundation of friendship, and Caroline angrily yelling that she should've turned her back on Klaus ages ago. Elijah is cut off by her and Klaus hands the necklace over to her and tells her that she needs find Gia, as she's getting another ingredient for the branding spell. During a scuffle between the two sides, Klaus threatens Elena with a dagger and cuts her throat, but the cut heals no matter how many times he slashed. Klaus and Elijah arrive at Lucien's apartment carrying Kol between them. Like all of his maternal half-siblings, it is possible Klaus had inherited the witch gene from his mother, though he never tapped into his power. Klaus found out what she was up to and compelled her to tell him what she knew. Klaus had erased Stefan's memories of him and his sister Rebekah to protect themselves, as they were on the run from a yet unknown person. She then tells him about her life with Dahlia and how she lost her unborn son because of it. Despite his temper, Klaus is shown to be very keen as he was able to figure out that Hope would be sacrificed at the cemetery because it was where the Harvest and the Reaping took place as well as the location of the ancestral witches' burial place. Later on, Klaus is found at the cabin by Hayley and Elijah and the three get into a heated argument about family and the recent events that are unfolding. When he pours himself a drink, Camille then enters the room and when she mentions Elijah's name Klaus tells her not to speak to him about Elijah. Klaus and Elijah arrive at the Rousseau's and they find Sophie and Sabine knocked out. [197]Klaus and Kol He follows her outside and dares her to get to know him. He has a landscape painting hanging in the Hermitage museum and sometimes gives his paintings away to others for fun.